San Diego 2.5 HR Whale Watching Tour
Mission Bay San Diego CA

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Every ticket is carbon offset!  Enjoy your whale watching experience knowing that all fossil fuel used for your enjoyment will be offset by planting trees in Brazil.


Mission Bay Times: 9am, 12pm, & 3pm 

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Jeff D

We’ve always wanted to do a whale watching tour and soo happy we went with Neziak, we saw (12) humpback whales and a plethora of other species, the MC was so knowledgeable and entertaining, then my 2 year old got sick and the crew was right there to lend a hand. Highly recommended we’ll be back!

2½ hour whale watching cruise located in Mission Bay San Diego CA 

  • FREE and ample parking
  • Narration by a certified marine biologist
  • A sea adventure of whales, dolphins, sea lions, and birds
  • Outdoor seating Only – Dress Warm!
  • If you don’t see any whales or dolphins –come back again for free!
Please Note: Use discretion with kids under 2 years old (due to increased chance of seasickness) 

Throughout the year Fin Whales, Humpback Whales and Minke Whale can be spotted off the coast of San Diego at any time. Although this makes them a little less predictable, it also means that we have a chance of seeing them on every trip! Various types of toothed whales (includes all dolphin species) also visit our coast throughout the year. Common Dolphins (both Short-Beaked and Long-Beaked), Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and Risso’s Dolphins can be seen year-round. Pacific White-Sided Dolphins are a seasonal visitor that we get to observe during the winter, typically between the months of December-April. In addition to cetaceans, California Sea Lions, Sharks, Bony Fishes and a wide variety of sea birds will also be pointed out for your enjoyment!

Throughout the year various types of playful dolphins (Short-beaked and Long-beaked Common, Pacific Bottlenose, Rissos, and Pacific white-sided) are encountered on most trips with some pods numbering into the thousands! These dolphins will regularly seek out the boat on their own to greet you and to show their amazing acrobatic abilities. California sea lions, Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola), and a wide variety of sea birds also await you on every trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

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In the past we have had customers try to redeem discounts directly at vendor and it caused much confusion.  The box office wasn’t able to honor’s exclusive pricing and customers that paid full price were upset they didn’t go through us.

To simplify things the full address,  tour operator name, parking instructions, etc are provided once purchase is complete. You receive this information in your confirmation email.

Please contact us if your confirmation email isn’t received within 5 minutes of purchase.

What unique activity do you offer in addition to San Diego Whale Watching?

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One of our staff favorites is to go from downtown San Diego through Harbor Island to Liberty station via e-bikes. The bikes throttle up to 20mph so they are extremely fun and the views are amazing during the whole route. In addition Liberty Station is a fun local spot because it has an amazing selection of farm to table food and craft brews (and an indoor farmers market!) Liberty Station was converted from an old Naval Base.